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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 15, 2016 12:05am-1:05am EST

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>> are you excited about the show? >> i'm very excited about the show. you have everything from taylor swift to adele, from adele to kendrick lamar. >> taylor's opening the show. >> taylor's definitely opening the show. >> we're going to have the tribute to glen frey and the remaining eagles. it's going to be out of control. >> we have much more on the grammys ahead and our sit down with lionel richie before his lifetime tribute. plus our look back covering 35 years of the awards, the fashion, the memories, it's all on the way. but back to go went stefan eye, we are all anxious to see if she will have her man blake shelton in tow for the grammys. i think he might be her best red carpet accessory yet if she brings him. >> i wonder how blake feels being called gwen's accessory.
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buzzing for days ever since new york fashion week kicked off and we were with the stars hitting the celeb runway shows. >> the cover on g.q. saying he's someone he really loves. what do you love about justin? >> he's a good kid with a good heart, and i love him. >> does your dad like him? >> both my parents love him a lot. >> justin calls her a friend he kisses. she says they're not exclusive. the two, 3,000 miles apart, and this. >> i hope he comes up with something romantic for valentine's day. >> i want food. >> we get that. and as for the biebs, he was getting love from lady gaga. the two shared hugs and some drinks.
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leo and de niro, ellen and portia. >> yeah, when they forgot to remove a clip from her hair for photos, she requested a red carpet redo. research. so good, but we love it even gossip. plans? >> probably stay in bed all day. >> does he have an inside moment? >> when it all comes off. >> do you know when the baby's due yet? >> in a few months the. >> and proving extras can stay friends, lenny kravitz was joined by lisa bonet and their daughter. that could be called the place where beautiful stars go to hang out. pam anderson with her two ridiculously handsome sons.
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>> i'm so proud of him. >> plenty of style happening in new york. it is fashion week, and front and center are those kardashians, and i scored an exclusive sit-down with momager kris. >> you've seen the photos. lamar getting on a plane, making the cross-country trip to be on the show. >> kanye invited him. and it's a big deal for him to come. it's a milestone for him to even travel. you know, baby steps, but this is a big one. this is a huge step for him. >> kris told me lamar really wanted to support kanye at his fashion show and album debut. >> kanye was very instrumental. in part of his recovery, kanye would go to the hospital and play him music. and that's what he really, really responds to. like he was amazing. lamar started, you know, rapping, again, before he could talk.
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for him. on october 13th, the grim news broke. the ex-nba star was found unconscious in a brothel. >> khloe is amazing. and she's, you know, she just really, you know, nursed him right back. she's strongest girl in the world. >> it wasn't any kanye, and i looked and looked around, there's so many kanyes. >> wes walken with lamar. she wore an oversized white coat and caitlyn was there too, posting this pic with kanye back stage. new york fashion week is a cash cow for the city, generating $900 million. that is nearly triple that of the new york city marathon. let's talk about another big event, i am talking about the dead pool, ryan reynolds.
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your typical valentine's day movie, however, romance is on his mind. >> i haven't made valentine's plans yet, but i will come up with something spectacular. >> he posting politely. family reaction? >> i think they understand, guilty as charged. we are married. >> his co-star focussed on one thing. >> i'm try being to get through tonight without being in labor. >> and it was night out number two for two super bowl i'm a sports fan because of choice. it's been a bit of a date for us, because of super bowl. and we have a great, great time. >> aarp, the grownups award michael douglas was honored for his achievements,
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>> the film festival in en i met catherine. >> and diane lad and her was shocked. because she really fooled me. at first, i saud id doot laura to give me this? they said oh, no. oh, my god. >> now back to ryan reynolds for a second.ce we saw ryan without his wife was at the pre-super bowl festivities. samantha, come on, what a game. >> it . we had 29 people at our house, but it was fun. talking to beyonce, chris martin, lady gaga, plus, we go inside theass photo. >> leonardo dicaprio, but grandma, we use charmin ultra soft get clean. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. p it has comfort cushions you
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the center of attention at the oscar luncheon this week, and so was sylvester stallone. he's a favorite to win. but here's a shocker. he considered boycotting the ceremony. we got all the scoop as the stars took the official oscaroto of 2016. >> take the first picture now in three, two, one. >> so many a-listers under one roof. that's left. >> hi, strangers. to put it bluntly, i couldn't be more thrilled. and the fact that my daughter is actually looking at me now asr and not a bad golfer. >> taking it all in, first time nominee, alicia vakander. >> i think i'm stillt used to it.
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much interviews at all up till this year. >> i felt like i was in a film. i stood next to leonardo dicaprio. it's a really good group of people. >> a real>> let's have fun with it. try, two, one. >> also standing out in red, jennifer jason leigh. >> standing next to, do you remember? >> no? >> not too far away from jennifer, standing next to oscar is mark and bryan cranston. >> it hits you at that point, you go oh, my god, that was cool. >> another ah struck first-time smith. >> behind the barricade, like next to leo. >> leo was way over there.
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it can only be described as cocktail dress chic. rachel mcadams in a sparklylready had a little red carpet burnout. >> it's not gram russ when you go home at the end of the ll into a puddle. >> brie larson wearing a skirt with eye lash design. aliciawas shooting a movie went with a red louie vuitton. >> are you going to be wearing vuitton to the oscars? >> i'm very excited. >> that's a good answer. did your boyfriend have any input? >> it's like a dream, you know?e in your life are people going to be sketching dresses for you? >> she still had her oscar dress to pick.
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>>ans to enjoy the ceremony. >> try to relax and enjoy it, rather than last year i think i was a frenzy of l media star of the day was young jason j. law cuddles up. >> what he brings is the same thing he brings to every second of his life. >> lady gaga hosted a moment with j. law. sheg herself, dashing to and fro. >> i'm honored to be here, really, and be recognized as a cool. >> leo listening to what might be a tall tale from sly. sly addressed the the only nominee from the film "creed." >> if you want me to go i'll go. if you don't i won't.
12:18 am
>> other stars might take a little harder. they've been asked to submitho they'd like to thank. those names will be on a scrollath them. they want to speak mother re from the heart. >> how crazy the "zoolander 2" >> david, where is my damn latte! >> these are the fashion moments
12:19 am
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welcome back, everyone. i was with "zoolander 2's" benand owen wilson at their premiere. but when they sat down with our carly, i don't think the boys were ready. >> what do you think would be a
12:21 am
>> black steel. >> rose gold, gold steel. >> from mimicking the temper. >> david, where is my damn latte! >> oh, my gosh. david. >> carly's definitely getting into this.? >> do you know what? david deserves that. >> i guess fashion's changed. >> poking fun at modeling is focal point of this movie infiltrating the high-fashion world. but the real life fashion world has definitely infiltrated theirwas curious to see what your first impressions were when you met anna winter. >> i met her in paris valentino show.
12:22 am
she was great and very justin theroux is back, but now he has his own live-in style expert with jennifer aniston. >> your was yesterday. >> are we supposed to celebrate six months? i thought it was annually. >> does she ever throw out that sweater? >> she has too many i have a weird obsession about buying jackets. >> ask her if she needs as many shoes. >> oh, i know. >> i talked about jen at there. a date night with jennifer? >> yeah. >> valentine's day weekend, any plans? >> yeah, we're going to have a romantic date n falls like three days before. so i'm just wearing out my credit card. >> from lots of gossip to lots of big much going on at this premiere that opened as a
12:23 am
real-life models, gigi hadid. will ferrell and justin theroux, did you see the break dancing? >> i did see the break dancing. >> always privately. >> i'll call out jen, but his 10ar old son clearly stole the show giving his best blue steel moment. including his sister ella. >> you celebrated your 15th wedding at do you think is the secret to a successful marriage? hollywood's not easy. >> sense of humor. >> well, that's not what our samsunginner blake found out. >> what's it like working with your wife? >> with my wife? >> yeah. >> it's great. because i get to tell her what toe, it's usually the other way around. >> what was it like getting
12:24 am
years? >> these people are weirdos. >> we teamed up w make the most epic "zoolander 2" selfie scrapbook. and they raised 200k for the stiller on. and kristin told us -- >> if you remove the back teeth, look. that's what all the models are a few teeth out and i'm in. >> pretty much all except for the front four. >> that was a crazy premiere. so muchive a shout out to my wing man blake. you nailed it, man. you gave it your all. if you want to red carpet, look no further than the grammys. >> you are very on point there, cameron. stars always show off some bold choices
12:25 am
show, and with our 35-year history, we've seen plenty of, we call it stand-outyle. >> i was expecting you to arrive in an egg or, you know, something on the head. did you tone it down? >> my egg rental, it wasn't available.ear these beautiful arranged diamonds instead and this brandon maxwell dress. >> so what will gaga wear? i think she's movedthe shocking over the top look that was so much fun. but just look at her transformation this year. a sleek, backless, christiann. and at the globes, she was all elegant and proper in velvet versace. last september, she did show up in this satin two-piece. sot hope for something to go gaga over. reahna always likes to push the envelope. but for her first grammy win she
12:26 am
>> oneite designers. i've worn a lot of their stuff. they sent me pictures, i tried it on. it fit perfect. it's great. >> since then, she's done everything. but who could forget the one from last year. the internet went ghost from pac man and even nikki cki minaj's wig. nikki can in a seductive vamp to -- what made it pure niki was that wild hair. >> i have my fairy my hair tonight. i thought i'd keep her nice and warm and snug. fergie wore bright orange over
12:27 am
and how about celine dion, in 1993, she wore a see-through black netted dress and but a thong as she picked up her very first grammy. the search is over you were with me all>> i'm very happy. the show is over, but it's still beating in my heart. >> tell the world the secret to that dress. >> oh, you can't wear any that's the secret. >> krissy went commando last year. but this year, mrs. john legend is pregnant. of course that won't stop her style. the proof? thewn she wore at this month's naacp awards, detailed around her baby bump and the thigh-high split. >> you get the hubby this one? or do you stay out of it when it comes to her fashion? >> no, she likes me to say
12:28 am
>> and nikki minaj stands to make a splash this year. different grammys. in each of her award categories, she is the only femalere counting down the biggest headlines, plus the super bowl, lady gaga, and did this star dis coldplay? and the controversial tweet. >> i made a mistake. >> that is next.ided
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found a growth on her vocal chords. number four, barry th scare. shortly after performing in memphis wednesday, the 72-year-old fell ill and was rushed to l.a. after having two prior emergency oral surgeries. he is recovering after another surgery friday. he is instructed not to sing, talk or rap for 48 hours.eth testifies in court. >> she feared for her family's safety after receiving 66 messages from the e messages range the from religious to graphic to porn graphic. >> janice versus bill cosby.
12:33 am
week from dickinson's claims he branded her a liar. she's due in court february 29th. 29th 29th. and the number one story this week, lamar odum's miracle. he was seen back on his feet ahead of kanye's fashion show and album debut. >> kanye wasmental. in part of his recovery, kanye would go to the hospital and play him music, and that's what he really, really responded to. on october 13th, thetar was found unconscious in a brothel. >> khloe is just amazing. she really nursed him right back. >> go to e.t. for the lot of headlines coming out of super bowl 50. cbs brought in huge ratings last sunday, delivering the secondernight ratings ever
12:34 am
we will people all over levi's stadium. and kevin frasier was the only enough to talk with queen bey after her bold halftime performance. let's put it this way, beyonce dropped the mic 50. and we were all in the middle of it. i want it i work hard i own it >> how did it feel tonight? >> it feltst part was seeing coldplay. >> yeah? >> for me, because i was able to watch from the back and really enjoy it. >> and enjoy it. >> yeah. >> the singer kept it humble. >> of folks who feel beyonce won halftime. first, that super bowl style, a michael jackson throwback in a custom look by d squared two. and ag live debut. "formation" video dropped the
12:35 am
>> what's next forformation squgs "formation"? people are going crazy over that video? >> in a commercial after the pepsi super bowl 50 halftime show, we learned ticketsrprise world tour go on sale next week. after her performance, beyonce watched the game with usher and husband jay z who signedor young fans. >> are you riding right now on emotional yeah. >> how do you top this feeling? >> i don't think it's possible. >> gwyneth posted this adorable photo of apple and blue lastweekend. jennifer pairles covered the super bowl and made this observation. >> she said we're tired.
12:36 am
all the camera crews said okay and backed up. even though her mom performed at the super bowl, she just wanted to go to bed. >> are you nervous? >> i'm so super sunday's other knockout moment came from lady gaga who sang the national anthem. oh, say can you see shared her journey to the 50 yard line with her fans. she hit snapchat all day with the diary of her morning exercise, gucci shoes, pregame star-spangled nails and last-minute warmup. on the field, it all came together perfectly. [cheers and applause] >> gaga, how was it? >> you tell me. i don't know. i can't wait to watch the game. >> it was spectacular. >> thank interview making news.
12:37 am
during halftime, the empire star tweeted coldplay and wrote, #maroon 5 is like to me. >> i don't know if you know how it goes. a lot of strength in there, kool-aid, lemonade, iced tea. aumt you're are ll. they go that's maroon 5. and i go, you sure in and i sent mary j. blige, my ther, my grandmother, everybody texting me, saying change your post, change your post! and i realized it was i'm like, i'm human. i made a mistake. come on, i drank the kool-aid! >>ed to a star on the carpet last saturday. it's the oscars of football, and i was one of the red carpet
12:38 am
this is my know, when i have time off, i'm looking to the nfl for those guys to entertain me. >> there was also the legendary super bowl party scene, the red hot chili peppers the party when julianne hough arrived. from her former flame. >> she found that out, went down and knocked on the door to say lso at the party, kate hudson showing off her bronco spirit. >> how awesome is this? they made a whole blue and orange without m go being to cry. >> kate snapchated her way through the game hanging with brother oliver, and she was seenas and playing it cool about rumors he's dating lily collins.
12:39 am
>> i can't, at all. >> on the way, we are sitting down with lionel richie. his big grammy honors this weekend. there's john legend. luke brien and meghan trainor. >> why he was surprised at who
12:40 am
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12:42 am
your does an honor like this mean? >> you have to know that i was a little paranoid when i first got the call, because when you get honored like this, there'sion does this mean they're saying good-bye? >> an all-star tribute is also planned for cbs. and we kind of played the n that tribute, there's john legend. demi lovato, luke bryan and meghan trainor. were giving me an inside. >> do you have any say on who getting to perform for you? >> no. in this case, i like the surprise. >> and could a mashuplady be in the cards? hello hello >> if i were a betting woman, iaybe lionel richie would show up with her. >> now i wouldn't put your bet on too hard. >> no? >> no. this is going to be her evening to shine. i can that she
12:43 am
stage too much with -- >> i don't know about that. >> that would be great, but we'll get to meet for the first time, because we have not seen each other to this day. >> you've never met her. >> never met. i'm going to sit down and enjoy this and prove to my kids, see,this is what dad all these years. they missed the commodores and the '80s. they know me, okay? you are the sun receive his honor at a big celebration on saturday. the grammy charityrtists who have fallen on hardship or addiction. >> what would lionel richie say is his legacy? >> you know, i think that entire thing. it never goes out of style. >> lionel goes back on tour at the end of this month throughout
12:44 am
to play a string of shows at planet hollywood in las vegas. coming up, can the stars of this year's grammysnts like these? >> i think he's cute, and i think he thinks i'm cute too. this is my big award for tonight. >> our award throwback to the couples and memories e.t. in 45 years at music's biggest night. then meet sports illustrated's plus size models, oncer being too big. first, this weekend in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which talk show host is born int jimmy fallon, jerry springer or red carpet season is all about rewarding great taste.hat. dunkin' donuts coffee. cheers to greatness inside and out. happy anniversary dinner, darlin' can this much love
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for relapsing ms in the us, at doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. lcome back, everyone. earlier, we showed you how manhattan got runway ready for the fashion week, and this week sports illustrated iswhich lucky model is the cover girl for their swimsuit issue. we talked to one woman who's making more news inside the pages of the size model ashley graham. she is now an official s.i. model and part of a new ad campaign that is proving bikini shapes and sizes. >> i'm really excited to know that sports illustrated is wanting to include women like us. there is no perfect body,n't be striving for
12:48 am
5'9" and a size 14-16. she's modeling among models redefining beauty. >> this is my, a bikini bikini, i was like, me? it's incredibly empowering. it's like a new era, we'refferent races, different sizes as being beautiful. >> they're also taking on ageism. she is a sexy 56 years old. worn a bikini before. i never thought i would look good or sexy in one. but i was wrong. >> i'd love to know in your modeling careers if youreceived feedback that you
12:49 am
>> i had an agent wave inof my face and said if you lost a few bs, you'd be>> i was like, oh, yeah. i'd be more like i'd cry. >> we got to give beau her photo. >> it's really good. oh, my gosh. this is my reaction. >> beau, 23, is from serbiauess jeans model. and this model is from hungary and has modeled. that brings us back to ashley graham and her first s.i. photo spread. >> this is huge. this is is has broken down a huge barrier. >> you're going to make me cry again! >> a lot of people talking about
12:50 am
this kind of exposure really ome true for them. last year, the swimsuit issue was viewed by 70 million people alone. >> and millions will beo the grammy awards. e.t. has been covering the show for over 30 years, so we have a bit of our own history to share. here's a look at some of our rom grammys past. >> are you having more fun walking the carpet pregnant or not? >> bond,>> bieber, justin bieber. >> man, the headlines that come out of music's biggest night. remember when michael jacksont brooke shields? and how about a throwback to when mariah looked like this in '93. >> did you eat yet today? >> star offing.
12:51 am
contemplating. just think of, i would have missed out on all of this stuff. >> there are grammy couples that have lasted. others that didn't and some weven an item. >> we have a very special bond. i don't know what it's called. but it's fun. >> we definitely have a i think he's cute. and i've heard through the cute too. >> hey, come on in! >> from shania to mark we've gotten ready with nervous nominees. we were even with a 22-year-old whitney houston and her parents in 1986. >> i'm doing okay.retty good. >> but it's the backstage moments with the winners that really stand out. >> you ever get to be back people getting ready to perform. >> you hear your name and it registers.
12:52 am
that's musical orgasm. and when the winds ent inners touch that gold, things happen. in fact, beyonce dropped hers. >> i just met madonna. she thinks >> you're amazing. >> over 35 years, we got so much good stuff, some never even air. like that time in 2005 whenyer did an impromptu american idolr john ever low -- jennifer lopez. >> and then this one. she's our girl crush now, but back then she had eyes for two >> i think they were like peter and paul. the little he's 16.
12:53 am
i like justin timberlake. i was sod he stopped me in the hallway, like congratulations. >> we'll have a full wrapup of everything grammys tuesday on "e.t." but make sure you tune monday before the awards. the network is going live for the first time ahead of the big show with grammy red carpet live. and it's hosted kevin frasier, right? >> absolutely. man.
12:54 am
12:55 am
loo stars with birthdays this weekend. stockard channing is 72. and take a final look at your which talk show host was born in london? that's my buddy from dancing with the stars, jerry springer, who is 72 this tuesday -- >> witness greatness at the grammys with "e.t.." >> the grammys arert. >> adele, gaga, bieber. >> biggest stars going for gold. >> i cannot understand why you cannot fan girl about that. >> our star guru best and worst looks. >> the best grammy coverage in the world. >> you got to watch the grammys. >> only on "e.t." tuesday.ut of time
12:56 am
all the late breaking hollywood news, go to before we go, check out the new video from zayn malik, the song off his upcoming which debuted at number one on the hot 100 charts, and it features his girlfriend, gigi hadid. enjoy your weekend, everyone,bye. they went free to hold you close ed, at one with your world. informed, included, and inspired. so no matter where you are,ngs
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talks to some of the top expertsscuss the impact the nutribullet rx can have on our overall health, as well as meeting longevity wolfe as he introduces kiran to this breakthrough machine that he says will change the way we treat sickness forever --let rx. >> 2 years, 10 million people now using this machine. how did it catch on like this?tually being able to consume and, more importantly, absorb the nutrients in their fruits andas never possible before, by using this machine. but, kiran, i'm so excited to next generation of this machine. this is the all-new nutribullet obviously tell this one's bigger, but what makes this machine so different? >> the most important thing
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beginning, with nutrition, health, and wellness in mind. all right, i want you to watch closely, kiran.t i'm going to make addresses what's been referred to, on the cover secret killer, and that is inflammation. but, kiran, here's the good news. we've learned that we can fightough the power of nutrition. we're gonna start this blast with the most powerful anti-inflammatory food on theurmeric. it contains the supermolecule curcumin, which draws that inflammation right out of our system. after yellow pineapple for its tissue-repair qualities and its bromelain enzyme -- anotherouse. next, let's look at avocado. we can see that, yeah, it's partially green, but there's a
1:03 am
they're oily, and they help us to extract all of the nutrients from all the other ingredients in this nutriblast. slice of avocado in. okay, next, let's look at chard. one of the most nutritious, green, leafy vegetables on the planet.lorophyll, a great source of fiber, and that color we see is called betalain, and that's one of the best bloodd. and then we're gonna go over to the cucumber. what do we do with cucumbers? we usually peel off the best part. that's the skin.ontains the anti-inflammatory minerals and beauty minerals that are so essential. we're gonna put in a few slices of the chia seed. it contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.o get in there and extract them out. and that's why this machine is so powerful.
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mix it into our nutriblast. and then i'll reach over for my water. and what we see in coconut water is an electrolyte-rich, delicious carrier for this nutriblast.he max line. >> so, david, tell me, can you literally just throw in any raw vegetables, pretty much, thatd make something that tastes good? >> yes, absolutely. kiran, we're only limited by our imagination.wist on the turbo extractor blades. watch what happens now. it's gonna start up automatically. the nutribullet rx has been pre-programmed to turn atd wind down at exactly the right intervals and then come back upe right time. this is our breakthrough smart


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